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The Best Birthday Gift


Yesterday I turned 20 and at 8:37pm (You’ll know why as you read on) , I received the most beautiful gift ever. My mom posted on her Facebook a touching note about me and her experience as a parent and…

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Closet Full of Surprises


Confession – I’m a hoarder I can walk into a store and convince myself that I need something for a legitimate reason, because it’s essential and I probably can’t do without it, only to get back home and realize it’s…

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Meet Rihanna With Puma Entry

fashion, My Style

Missed me? (Wait, don’t answer that, you probably forgot I had a blog) I’ve been AWOL for the longest time and as much as I’d like to adorn the title of a superwoman who can do it all, I don’t…

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Florals and Aspirations

Beauty, fashion, My Style

I get asked often “What inspires you the most?” if it were a couple of months ago, I’d have to think a lot before I came up with an answer, but the past few months have been so enlightening, in…

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Us Against The World


So.. It’s been awhile, my blog has been inactive and I’ve been semi-active on my Instagram page. I’ve been awfully pre-occupied for a while now, I apologise. But I’m back and you’re going to see a lot more of me….

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A Pop Of Coral

Beauty, fashion

On an unusual winter morning, about last week, I woke up feeling warm and fuzzy, credits to the unpredictable weather in Bangalore, we’re surprised with quite a few of these as a break from the awful cold weather we experience…

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White, Gold and Missa More

Beauty, fashion

I can’t believe it’s already December -This year went by so quick, it’s almost magical and I have to say how wonderful November was to me. I’ve had some of the best experiences last month, got to spend some quality…